The Hidden Pantry moves to Melbourne!! Late April 2014.

Steve has taken up an excellent career opportunity in Melbourne commencing in May. For me, it’s the perfect time to gain further inspiration and ideas by doing some exploring and research in such a great food hub. What better place for this than Melbourne?

I will be checking out all the great markets, cafes, bars/wineries and basically every “food hot/not spot” I possibly can! You can stay updated on my experiences & progress via the HP FB page and this blog. All going well, I may launch a new version of The Hidden Pantry once contacts have been made and I decide on the right direction.


I want to say a massive thank you to my loyal and supportive customers, friends and family. Everyone has been so encouraging and positive about this venture of mine and it couldn’t have worked without your constant support. I will be forever grateful, and hope that when we return to Brisbane with renewed vigour and fabulous food ideas we can re-connect with our special customers and friends.


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