• Mr Lawrence at The London

    Posted on July 20, 2014 by in Reviews

    92 Beach Street, Port Melbourne

    Summary: Taste of the Mediterranean by the sea.

    Lawrence Bar Wall 3

    Melbourne weather is amazing or crazy or bazaar. We drove from sunny Windsor, 2 km down the road to Port Melbourne into a pea soup fog to go to Mr Lawrence at The London Hotel.

    A brisk pre-lunch walk along the water front saw the fog lift and blue skies return plus earned a healthy appetite for a lovely Sunday lunch. The London has been around for many years as a corner pub opposite the departure point for The Spirit of Tassie. About nine months ago it had its latest transformation to Mr Lawrence (at) The London.

    The decor is light and fun with a twist to the Turkish/Morrocan theme that is also featured on the menu. A refreshing change on the current trend where the all important “fit out” takes priority over both the food and the service.

    Friendly and very happy staff greet and assist throughout the experience without any over-done hovering or “too cool for school” attiitude.

    Lawrence Bar Wall 5


    This was one of the most enjoyable lunches we have had in a long time. The food was all served hot, fresh and beautifully presented. We had requested the two starters come one at a time, but they arrived together. This was the only little hiccup of the day, and the quality of the dishes outshone  the slight disappointment of the dual arrival.

    The Turkish Pizza with prawns, zucchini and more was simply delicious. So light and the delicate flavours all complemented each other and worked well with the Cauliflower Salad. Both were major winners with the taste buds!

    The Bill:
    Domaine les Fouques Cuvee Tradition 2012 French Rose – $45
    Baked Garlic Prawns sujuk, tomato and potato – $14.50
    Crisp Fried Squid with cumin salt and lemon – $14.50
    Turkish Pizza – Chopped prawn, harissa, preserved lemon, zucchini and haloumi – $19.50
    Cauliflower with cracked wheat, almonds, pomegranate, currents and herbs – $11