Seasonal Menu

Free up some precious time in your busy life by having some of these healthy and delicious home-made dishes on-hand in the freezer. You’ll be grateful for The Hidden Pantry on those nights when it’s all too much, but you don’t want to resort to an average take away meal.

While some of our most popular products are available year round, we introduce seasonal specials on a regular basis to show-case the best available produce.

Summer Menu

With summer is in full swing and the year gearing up to full speed, it’s the perfect time to get organised and buy some extra time in your day. Make meal-times delicious and stress free by having some home-made dishes on-hand.

Our summer menu has been designed with the seasons entertaining and warmer weather in mind and as always, show cases the best of the season’s produce.

Summer Tart
Deliciously light, this superb tart features a home-made pastry with  hints of Parmesan Cheese filled with artichokes, spinach and three cheeses. Perfect for entertaining served with a garden or Caprese Salad. Available by pre-order Family $30
Slow-cooked beef ragu, a silky bechamel sauce, pasta and cheese layered with love make this Italian classic super yum. Simply heat and serve with a garden salad for a delicious, healthy and fuss-free dinner. Available by pre-order Family $30
Curry of the Season Our curries are made with fresh, in-season ingredients plus time and love. A healthy alternative to an average take-out. Ask when ordering what variety is being featured. Large $19
Jumbo $22
Mexi Mince A modern twist on the classic “Chilli con Carne” features lean beef mince, fresh herbs, mexi-beans and more. Serve with brown rice topped with yogurt OR enjoy an easy “Taco Night” at home. For a tasty Nachos Salad: melt cheese onto corn chips and top with warmed Mexi Mince. Layer with shallots, tomato, avocado, sour cream & lettuce. Large $14
Jumbo $17
Slow Cooked Tomato Sugo
Our signature dish is the perfect pasta sauce. Slow-cooked with fresh basil, wine and a hint of chilli. So good with ravioli or other filled pasta. OR add tuna and capers/salami and olives to to serve with brown rice, quinoa or your fave pasta. Regular $9
Large $12
Jumbo $15
Chicken Balls
So popular, it’s impossible to take these off the menu. Simmer in our Slow-cooked Tomato Sugo and serve with pasta, brown rice or quinoa topped with feta. Also delicious in wraps, soups, salads and in the lunch box! 12 for $14

Sauce/meal sizes: Regular = 500ml; Large = 750ml; Jumbo = 1000ml

Easy Entertaining

Make your entertaining spontaneous and stress-free by having some of our superb treats on-hand for when the mood takes you to share some food and wine with loved-ones. We offer more assistance with our party planning service.


Mini Quiche
Smoked Salmon, cheeses and fresh herbs herbs fill a delicate light pastry to create a flavour-bomb sure to impress. Heat and sprinkle with cracked pepper. 6 for $14
Self-Saucing Meat Balls
A hit with adults and children alike, these tasty bite-sized balls come with a special sauce. Simply heat and serve sprinkled with parsley. Watch them disappear! 10 for $14
Spinach, Sun-dried Tomato and Feta Muffins These mouth-watering muffins are low in fat and high in flavour. A substantial snack served warm, so the texture is fluffy and the cheese melting. Add some salad leaves for a light and healthy lunch. $4
Parmesan Cheese Cookies Any gathering will be a hit when kicked off with these cheesy delights and bubbles. With a hint of chilli, they melt in the mouth and are so moreish. 8 for $12