The Hidden Pantry


The Hidden Pantry is based on a genuine passion for cooking with fresh, in-season ingredients. The entire process of bringing a nutritious and tasty meal to your table is undertaken with time and love – from choosing the freshest of produce and slow cooking over hours to provide quality sauces and meals.
This is home-made “food for foodies” of a quality above mass-produced alternatives. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to cook every day, but don’t want to compromise on quality, The Hidden Pantry is for you.

 Lib and Mum Low Res

Food was always an important tradition in my home growing up. Mum is an amazing cook as was her own mother. The passion for cooking has been passed down the generations along with recipes, advice and food knowledge so it’s no wonder The Hidden Pantry was born!

The hub of our home was definitely the kitchen and where my passion for cooking began. Life is very different today, and there is precious little time to create home-made meals on a daily basis. The philosophy of The Hidden Pantry is to make life simple for our customers and to provide the best of home-cooked food, which not only tastes great but is nutritious and healthy.


Owner and Cook. The Hidden Pantry